Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The kidlets are all feeling better, well mostly. Little Bubbles doesn't have a fever or anything but I can tell she's just not quite right.
We (me and all the sick-os, including the Professor's little sis) stayed home all weekend. Mom and Dad-in-law were out of town and it was almost like having our own home and space again. Needless to say, I loved it. I am really getting to know the Professor's little sis (she's 12) pretty well. She is funny and helpful. I am surprised by the cute things she says and she makes me not too afraid of the pre-teen and teen daughters that my girls are going to become.
That is pretty amazing if something stops me from fearing the future for two minutes. :)
Here is a small example of her cuteness. The other day we were talking about movies. She is all into being scared and I remember being like that, so I rented "Watcher in the Woods" for her. (Not too scary and not at all disgusting like other "scary" movies). Anyway, all of the sudden she says, "And what's up with JAWS? Shouldn't that movie be like 15 minutes long?" I thought this was so funny and it just kind of took me by surprise. I have known her since she was four so it's neat to see her mind working like that and watch her turning into a grown up.

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