Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Such a Time as This

We had a women's conference over the weekend and the opening speaker titled her talk, "For Such a Time as This." She was referring of course to Esther who was placed at the right time and place to save her people. It was a great talk, but I hadn't really given it much thought until this morning. Yesterday, mom-in-law's mom, Great Grandma D. fell down and broke her pelvis. Great Grandma D. is an amazingly lady, almost 92 years old, in very good health and a true matriarch of her family. She doesn't need surgery but is facing a difficult and painful recovery. She will most certainly need the care of her children. Mom-in-law spoke to me this morning and said she might be needed to go for awhile to help her sisters care for Great Grandma D. She expressed her gratitude that the Professor and I are here to help and that she knows she can go whenever she is needed and we will take care of things here for her. (Dad-in-law is super busy with the legislature right now and will be for atleast another month.)
I was thinking this over as I got ready for my day and the words, "for such a time as this" crept into my mind. It made me glad that we have moved to Metropolis and are able to help and even glad (I have to take a deep breath and admit this) that we are still living here with the in-laws. Who knows but we are still here, able to help and to serve, for such a time as this.
Wow. If I don't watch out I might inadvertently stop begging God for whatever I want, like a spoiled brat, learn to trust Him and might even (gulp) learn a little patience. Whew.

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