Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Job, job, job. TGH has one. Has a job job job!!! I love those jobs. And now, my very own TGH has one. Job, job, job! Love those things:) I am smiling and not even worrying about anything else for the entire rest of the week! I believe that may be as long as I can go without worrying. I am doing the 'TGH-has-a-job' dance. It's got a lot of hip in it! Lots of shaking and twisting and a minor amount of bouncing (I did give birth 7 times...can't go too crazy with the bouncing). We're going to break open some Martinelli's and have a party. The official 'TGH-has-a-J_O_B' Party! I love those things. JOBS!


Melody said...

I'm doing that dance with you! Hurray!

Nedra said...