Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mud and Puddles

My entry isn't nearly as deep or religious as Carrie's, but I have to vent. I have somehow decided that now is the time to potty train #6 and Caboose. #6 is 5 and 1/2, operating near a 2 year old level in some ways, but I get the feeling that he understands a lot more than he is able to express. Caboose will be 3 very soon, and I guess I just figured I'd do them both at once. So far, #6 sits on the potty very cheerfully, happy to watch his little boy part do nothing. Caboose is more exciting. He has puddled the floor, the chair, and the rug and has muddied his undies several times. He has ALSO had several successes, which of course gives me hope. Before training begins, I am determined. I am strong. I can absolutely teach a child to relieve him/herself in the potty. Day one, I am sure that tomorrow will be better. Day 2, I'm wondering if I should have used pull-ups. Day 3, I'm cleaning the rug. Day 4...well....let's just not discuss day 4. Today, I am sure they can do it! Right? Why aren't you saying anything? Do I hear Laughing???


Melody said...

Yes! It is going to work! And it will get better day by day! And these are your last two to potty train, wahoo!!! Just imagine the freedom when they finally "get it". Ahhhhhh. The success will be sweet!

Kirstine and David said...

Yes, you hear laughing. Naomi is standing right behind me reading this and laughing. You know who will be laughing in about 10 to 15 years? Yes, that will be me, her mother!