Thursday, February 19, 2009

what to say, what to say

I am having trouble blogging because I have a million things running through my brain and I don't know which of them to discuss.
Should I mention that I am about 26 weeks pregnant but I feel more humongous than I ever have in my life? This is the 4th time, so everyone tells me it makes sense that I'll be bigger, but this is getting a bit ridiculous in my opinion.
Should I mention that my Smallville house has not had any offers even though 2-3 people look at it every week? What are these people doing? Toying with me? That I have lived with my in-laws for 60 days and counting? I tried doing positive affirmations like my sister recommended so I say to myself, 'the house has sold at a good price in a timely manner and we are buying a lovely new home' but it only makes me anxious for it to happen. Every day I think, maybe today, and I'm checking email and carrying my cell phone around all day like a maniac.
Should I mention that my four year old Buttercup has started pooping her pants every day twice a day and I can't figure out how to make her stop it? I am currently revoking all treats and tinker bell underwear in an effort to get her to control herself again.
Oh, this sounds like a list from a complainer doesn't it. Truthfully, making the list makes me laugh. Of course I know all of this is going to turn out just fine. That is, if I don't make myself crazy thinking about all of it before it has a chance to resolve itself. . . .

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