Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Dad, a Daughter, and a Duck

Here's a math problem. What do you get when you cross a dad, a daughter, and a duck with Valentine's Day?

This creation is the result of Miss 7's classroom project/contest to make the best Valentine "Receptacle." Miss 7 and I were thinking something in a star shape with glitter, maybe made out of paper mache. Then dad stepped in. Dad is a duck hunter. An avid duck hunter. An I-can't-stay-home-for-a single-Saturday-morning duck hunter. So, naturally he offered Miss 7 the use of one of his decoys for this project.

Look at the way they cut the tail feathers, so you can put the Valentine cards inside.

(Right where the sun don't shine.)

I am speechless. Is it cute? Is it hideous? Should I let her take it to school?

There is no choice really. They are so proud of the work they have done.

I kiss them both and say good job!


Melody said...

LOL! I think it is cute! AND funny! and very, very creative!

Elizabeth said...

That is very cute!!

Cris said...

muito criativo! visite meu blog