Thursday, February 24, 2011

the docs office part 2

I would have named my last post about the doctor's office Part 1, but I didn't actually expect to be going back there so soon. . . .

Let me begin with an update on Miss 4. She did have a rather nasty ear infection, hence the "bubbling" and is now thriving with the help of antibiotics. She told me her ear was still "bubbling" a little, but isn't hurting, so I can only assume the the bubbling will end after a few more days on the medicine.

Anyway, when I was at the doctor with Miss 4, everyone (all-knowing big sister, doctor, and front desk receptionist) kept encouraging me to go ahead and have Miss 7 tested for strep while I was there. But since I have tested my girls for strep with every sore throat they've ever had and they never have it, I declined.

I must add a note here that every single time I really, really, really feel like I'm right and I know what I'm talking about: I'm wrong.

So, yes Miss 7 and I had to go back to the doctor and take the strep test, which was of course, positive because I was sure she did not have it.

Then we had to go back to the super slow pharmacy. I have never visited the super slow pharmacy during evening hours, but they were open and I was hopeful that maybe they'd be quicker.

Miss 7 and I actually had a nice wait. Because of some poor planning on my part, she had not had dinner yet, so we ate at the in-store fast food joint and it was kind of like a nice little mommy/daughter date.

*please excuse the fact that I germed up the place with her contagiousness, she was certain that she was starving.*

When we went back to super-slow pharmacy, they were of course, super-slow and told us to wait a little longer. So we extended our date to include a quick stroll over to the clothing section .

*I really tried not to let her touch or breathe on anything, I promise. Besides you should all be sanitizing your hands after any trip to the store anyway, right. . . . .*

After all the waiting, we finally got the meds, arrived home safe and sound, dosed Miss 7, and sent her off to bed.

As I write this I am vowing, once again (and this time publically) to always take the advice of all-knowing big sister and cram as many children as I can into future doctor's office visits.

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Maren said...

When will you all learn that Maren is always RIGHT!:)