Sunday, February 20, 2011

RV show

TGH and I went to the RV show in town on Saturday. I've been thinking, camping is not my number one favorite and there are a couple of reasons.

1. Dirt. There's so much of it! Seriousy, it's everywhere! And even if you get it off, two minutes later, you are covered with it again.

2. The bathrooms. You all know what I'm talking about. If the word 'pit' is involved, I'm not.

3. The food. TGH thinks everything tastes better camping...stuff he'd never eat at home, he'll rave about when he's camping. Chili dogs? We never have them at home, because no one likes them. But serve them camping, and their everyone's new favorite food. Me? I think everything tastes better in a nice restaurant, served by men in white shirts and ties.

4. The trees. Like dirt, they are everywhere. And they all smell. ugh, like pine. Why does everyone think pine is this great odor? Plus, the trees are full of...

5. Wildlife. I'm pretty sure the main reason humans moved into houses was because of wild animals. My feeling is, a human in a sleeping bag probably looks like a delicious burrito to a bear. Chipmunks, bugs, deer, birds, foxes, moose, bears, beavers, racoons and skunks are all prevalent out there and EVERY single one of them looks better through glass.

Hence, the RV. Perfect for me. No smell, no dirt, no animals. Yes to linoleum, mattresses, and flushing toilets (ok, sort of, but still better than a pit)

I saw the perfect one! It's so great, it's not even called an RV anymore, it's a COACH (this is a link to the most fabulous thing you ever saw). And we all know who gets to ride in a COACH. The Princess:)

I gotta get me one of them things...

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