Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss 6 has a kindergarten crush. He has announced to her that he has a crush on her and she has reciprocated. Drawings have been hidden in work cubbies, phone numbers have been exchanged, and now a box of chocolate has been gifted. They are planning to introduce each other to their mothers.

Really? Is it really time to bring in the families? In kindergarten? It all seems a little soon doesn't it?

I am thinking about this in terms of just finding out yesterday that we are having our fifth daughter in June. People are always saying to me, "oh just wait until they're teen agers. All those girls. . . . ."

But doesn't it really all start much earlier than that? They are already in tears throughout the day. They already seek chocolate to ease their pain. They already get emotional over what outfit to wear and whether or not someone has borrowed their favorite whatever.

And apparently, they are already well equipped to deal with the boys they like.

I know those of you with older kids will still shake your heads and say,

"just you wait,"

but I'm just saying, I think it starts early. And I'm pretty sure that all I have to do is blink a few times and I'm really going to be meeting "the mother."

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lymalu73 said...

It does start early! I am sorry.