Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the H***?

So, the other day, the daycare child we all know as 4 yr old boy came to daycare saying, "What the Hell?"  He was mostly using it correctly (if you accept that there even IS a correct way to say this, which I do) for example, when served his lunch: "What the H is this?" And later when he couldn't find his shoes, he muttered, "What the H?"

Hmmm. Ok, A) I don't need daycare kids saying bad words in front of each other because B) the 4 yr old girl's mother already said something to me about her dainty flower using the word, 'balls'. And she meant what you think she meant, only she was under the very mistaken idea that she had them. Which, of course, she does not. Her mother said, that the previous evening, her little princesses (she has 3) were wrestling (a very princess like activity) and when it became a bit vigorous, 4 yr old girl hollered, "Don't kick me in the balls!" Nice:) And funny:)

She told her mother she learned it from 4 yr old boy (who actually does have them). Her mother said to me, "We don't talk like that in our house". Hmmm. Really? So, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga lyrics, "yes", "balls" no. Got it.

My guess is that 4 yr old girl's mom doesn't want her saying "What the H?"

When I told 4 yr old boys mom he was saying this, she insisted he hadn't heard it at home. Are you kidding me? That dad takes that boy home every afternoon and plays Call of Duty with him. My guess is, that's not the only adult style video game this kid plays. Plus I know they are big TV watchers. PLUS, if he didn't hear it at home, then she is implying he heard it HERE.


I love my daycare and I love these kids. The daycare provides for my family. I'm just saying, when my career as a Writer and Motivational/Public Speaker takes off, I might not miss a few of the more colorful pitfalls:)


Melody said...

I'm just glad he didn't hear it at *my* house. :)

Brownie said...

I was just blog hopping today and so enjoyed finding your blog!

okay SALUTE!! for even having a daycare. I just couldn't do that.

You write well and I enjoyed reading. I shall return. :)

Maren said...

Hi Brownie! Nice to see you here:)Thanks for the comment. We love love love new readers:) Check out my other blog,