Friday, February 18, 2011

The volcano...and the rest of the day.

So as my 12 year old boy is leaving for school yesterday morning, he casually says "I have a volcano due tomorrow and it is worth half my grade." Then he hops in the car with his dad and is gone. I meanwhile am standing at the front door with my mouth hanging open in a combination of shock and disbelief.

The whole day yesterday was that kind of day. I am sure you have had those kind of days. The toy bucket got tipped over in my living room at least four times. Two different children dropped full cups of milk on the kitchen floor (at two different times). I dropped a full box of rice krispies in front of the pantry. One toilet overflowed, and the washer refused to run without me staring at it.

I tried to go to the bank to deposit checks, only to discover I had no wallet. Ran home to get the wallet and drive back to discover I have no pen. (luckily the bank had plenty) I went to the post office but discovered I didn't have the letters to mail with me (they were in the other car). I went to the library to return books and realized I left the overdue ones at home. I went to the store to pick up volcano supplies (along with the camping trip snacks, the beauty supplies for the daughter, medications for the m.i.l, and of course more milk and cereal ) only to discover at the check out I have no debit card in my wallet.(it it is still in the van with the bank receipt).

I tried to pick up the 13 year old from school, but he wasn't ready...he was staying after for tutoring (forgot to tell me). I did pick up the 12 year old who was loudly skeptical about the volcano supplies I bought. I went to pick up the 16 year old, who is not waiting only to have a text from her ( a ride home with a friend.) I did pick up the 7 year old but with three extra friends.

Dinner was supposed to be chicken and noodle casserole, it burned and we had hot dogs and popcorn. My husband took the 16yr old to a meeting (a 30 minute drive away) at 6:30 only to discover it had been rescheduled for 7:15.

Eventually everyone got home, the volcano got built, the floor got swept again ( by my sweet husband) and I went to bed at 9! Thankfully today was much better!


Laurene said...

It seems as we get older our days get more and more like this.....not that you are old or anything:) ...or they say you loose brain cells after every baby, but I think you loose them twice as much and three times as fast with every teenager you have in the house.....what do you think:)

lymalu73 said...

I think you are totally right! I also think that you also lose brain cells from nursing!

Melody said...

Oh man! I hate days like that! :(