Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where did we go? What did we do? Questions Answered!

So, once we are sitting in the Jeep, we have to decide, a) sit in the Jeep until Daughter lets us back in, or b) find somewhere to go in this town that is not mobbed by people in love. We decide to go to the bookstore. There is a Border's down the road from us with a sort of outdoor 'mall' you can walk around. There are restaurants and stores and what-have-you all about. The bookstore is full of loser's pretending they don't care one bit about love and what day is it again? Yeah right.....LOSERS....WE are secure in the fact that we don't have to pretend to be in love or not because we are married. That didn't come out right, I mean we ARE in love, but we don't have to PDA all over the place. Which is what we spotted one young couple doing outside the bookstore. TGH was like, "Did you SEE that?" I had been leafing through the book we bought and had apparently missed a young man trying to find the tonsils of a young girl, with his tongue. Nice. Also, apparently, his hands were, well, busy. I was all EW! But of course, TGH thought it was nice and offered to look for MY tonsils. I declined. He said, "They are probably young married's." I said, "Probably not, otherwise, they'd go home to their bed." He said, "Maybe they haven't been married long enough to remember they have a bed." Hmmm.

After a walk around the mall, we decided to give up and head for home. As we were pulling into the driveway, TGH had a flash of inspiration (or desperation) and suggested we go for a treat. We found ourselves at a local restaurant where we ordered an appetizer and chocolate shakes. We talked for a long time, held hands, and did not go tonsil searching. Finally, we decided, FUN and ROMANCE had been had and we went home. To our bed. If you get my drift:) Yay for Marriage and Romance:)

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