Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Post

Happy Valentines Day!:) If you think you know me, you probably think I love this holiday. I'm happily married to a great guy, and what could be nicer than having a Valentine on Valentines Day? On the other hand, if you don't have a Valentine, this holiday could be somewhat awkward. hmmmm....

I don't love this holiday. I don't normally go around admitting it, but I don't love a lot of holidays. They've all got problems as far as I'm concerned...

St. Patrick's Day?  What the heck are we doing? Some of us may be Irish, I admit, but seriously, who in the world thinks wearing green, drinking green beer and pinching each other constitutes a holiday?

April Fools? Are you kidding me? (no pun intended)

How did we end up with a Bunny for Easter? And if I somehow can buy the whole bunny thing, is the next logical step actually a bunny who delivers Chicken Eggs and Candy? Oh yeah, that whole thing just screams "rabbit-like". And if that's not enough, we form their cute little images in chocolate and gobble them up. That's not wierd? And gross?

I make no secret of the fact I'm not a Halloween fan. Let me sum up my feelings: We're decorating with two of the most ghastly colors on the planet, scaring the crap out of each other, mutilating innocent squash and begging for food in disguise. Hmmmm.....

And then we have V-day. Last year my daughter, Jessica, came home from school a few days before the day and announced that she would now be home-schooled as she was unable to attend the elementary school any longer. Being a mom of girls, I am used to dramatic declarations and have become immune to them. I said, "ok". She said, "I mean it Mom, I'm not going back!" "Ok, " says I. A few silent moments pass. She tries again, " You'll homeschool me, right?" "Right, " I agree. She looks at me a minute and then announces, "I was embarrassed until death, today!" AH ha! Now we are getting somewhere.  Turns out, she and a boy in the class have been good friends and wanted to exchange cards they had made for each other. They did it before the Day, in a quiet ceremony before school. Word got out. The teacher, later in the day, asks the children to please bring a Valentine for everyone in the class and not exclude any classmates.  A girl (jealous?) raises her hand and blurts in a loud voice, "What about Jessica and X? (not his real name, I don't actually remember his name and I'm not asking) They already gave each other Valentines they MADE!" The class is shocked by the declaration. The boy in question did not speak to Jessica for the remainder of the day and Jessica's friends had the audacity to giggle about it in front of her face, apparently thinking the whole thing a funny joke.  This year, Jessica is playing it close to the vest. One store bought Valentine for all.

I bought my Valentine a card and a small gift. I happen to know (because he admitted it) that he did not buy me a card or a gift. He'll probably pick one up when he goes for milk tomorrow.

My POINT is, that he loves me, whether or not there is a Holiday for it. Easter is a Christian holiday, whether or not you tack a rabbit to it and there is no such thing as St Patrick's Day. (altho I do advise wearing green on March 17 so as to avoid pinching) AND I know I cannot convince anyone about's only me defending the defenseless pumpkin and protesting the begging of sweets off the neighbors.

P.S. I love the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I don't mind Flag Day, or Memorial Day. I do not get Labor Day, but it must be important, we get the whole dang day off and that doesn't happen with V-day, OR Halloween!


Melody said...

I love'm all! A time to celebrate anything in this world of woes (you're used to dramatic girls/women, right? ;) is great with me!

Even St. Patty's day is fun.. I love the golden wrapped chocolate coins!

Halloween is great! Someone *giving* me chocolate... ok, the kids, BUT, I do sometimes go through their bags and randomly check the candy for poison. Usually, the random check involves chocolate. Funny how that happens!

Even Valentine's is fun w/o a "special someone". Make fun of it, I say! I even heard of a "Screw Cupid" party going on somewhere in a neighboring big city.

Maybe the difference is you are part "yellow", which means you are fun voluntarily, peppering your day with it. Me? I am only blue with lots of red and a little white... I have no yellow in me, which means that a mandatory holiday is the only practical time I apply said fun in my life. It has to be scheduled, planned, and carried out. No choices. So leave some frivolity on the calendar for us fun suckers too. ;)

And by the way, Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Carrie said...

I think I am like you, Melody. I need an excuse to have fun so I say bring on the holidays! I love them all.

Maren said...

Buncha nuts!:P Get a real holiday, I say!:) Hold out for Christmas! Make the most of Thanksgiving Day! Approciate Mother's Day! Revel in your Birthday! That's not enough for you? :)