Friday, February 25, 2011

Mt. Laundry

How do you tackle Mt Laundry at your house? At my house it is often like trying to shovel a sand dune with a teaspoon.

I would like to pretend I am that woman, the super woman who never lets an item of clothing hit the floor. Whose children always have clean clothes, who always folds or hangs up the clothes right out of the dryer. The woman whose clothes are always ironed. Who never has unmatched socks. I am sure she never runs out of laundry soap or dryer sheets. Who always has a full linen closet and plenty of guest towels for company. Her brother in law has NEVER had to go get his own towel out of the dryer when he came for Thanksgiving. She has never had the someone ring the doorbell and have the living room covered in laundry piles.

For the record...this is not me. There are almost always clothes that need to be washed. I always have a basket of unmatched socks. Children often get their clothes straight from the dryer. Jeans can and should be worn more than once and so can pajamas. I encourage the kids to use the same towel for at least three days. I have moved laundry piles to make room for someone to sit on the couch and my poor brother in law had to go and find his own towel.

Laundry is not my forte. I am terrific at helping at school, doing homework, understanding math, and running a zillion miles an hour a hundred different directions. But not so great at laundry.

Well my dryer is broken and the repair person cannot come until after the weekend. I know I have choices, I can go to the laundromat or hang out the clothes. Or I could go to my bro-in-laws house and dry the clothes there. However I hate the laundromat, it is 30 degrees outside, and my brother-in-law's house is always a wreck.

So Mt. Laundry will grow and hopefully not turn into an avalanche that buries us all before the dryer gets fixed.

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