Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Funned Out...

So, yesterday, I was watching my friend's little boy for a couple of hours. He wanted to go outside, so he, and Caboose and I all headed out the back door. Less than 10 seconds later, her little guy is crying and saying he got stung by a bee! Unbelievable! I'm thinking, 'great, she leaves him with me and now he's damaged!' She waited a long time for that kid and it's her first one. You can't go around breaking people's first baby! Back to the story: I know he's not been stung before, so I am watching him carefully for signs of allergic reaction. No signs. There is a minor amount of swellling, but nothing serious. I sprayed some Dermaplast on it and he seemed fine. Not even crying. In fact, he wants to go back outside. Ok. So we all go back outside, and the boys want to get into the sandbox. Once in, he hands me a big Tonka tractor and says, "get the spiders off." I look the thing over, and there, looking right at me is a big BLACK WIDOW! The body was the size of a pea! I quickly killed it and grabbed both boys and started for the house. Her little guy was yelling,"I'm not done! I want to have more fun!" I said, "I'M DONE, I have just about enough fun for one day! We went straight into the house and played with matchbox cars until he was safely into his own mom's hands.

He's also allergic to eggs. I made cookies for the two boys, sans eggs, and baked a few batches. I set the rest aside for later baking. When later came, I couldn't find the cookie dough. Freshman and I looked everywhere. How do you lose a giant Tupperware bowl full of cookie dough?? Today, we were looking again, and talking it over. Behind us, Senior said, "uh oh." We both turned to look at him. The truth came out: He and his velcro ( our word for friends) had come in hungry and saw the bowl. I had mentioned there were no eggs in it, so apparently, they took the ENTIRE BOWL to the park and ate all the dough. I just don't know what to say to that.


momoflots said...

Hi Maren,
That is so very FUNNY!! I can totally see my teen boys eating a whole bowl of cookie dough - actually they'll eat just about anything - at all hours!!! About the spider - Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Even harmless spiders give me the creeps - that's why we live in the Pacific Northwest - very few venomous things :0)!!

Language Guru said...

So glad that you did not mention that before Senior stole the cookie dough, little bee sting's mom ate almost ALL of the cookies that you'd already baked. Mmmm, mmmm, good even sans eggs.