Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hiding the Cheese

We love to buy canned nacho cheese from Costco. It's called Que Bueno, and we love it. My kids adore it and eat it with reckless abandon, so we try very hard to monitor it's rapid disappearance. We are unsuccessful. But, it's my personal mission to try, try, try! So today, I opened the new can, had some for lunch, and realized that was probably the last time I would get some. As soon as the teenagers here see this open can, it's gone, gone, gone! I put the metal lid back on, then the plastic lid, then slid the can into the back of the fridge behind the leftover green beans. Problem solved. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Senior walked in on me gobbling nachos, opened the fridge and helped himself. Wow, that didn't go the way I planned. After he left, I put it all back together and hid it again, different shelf, behind orange juice. Freshman walked in from school, opened the fridge, moved the juice, removed the can guess the rest. How, how, how does she do that? I have hidden the cheese again, in an undisclosed location. Hope springs eternal.


Melody said...

I remember when Josh was about 4. We lived in a mobile home, and my bedroom was all the way in the back. One day I slipped into my room to get a Little Debbie's Swiss Roll that I had hidden in my closet for myself. I ate it, came out of my room, and walked down the long hallway. Josh was in the kitchen which was at the other far end of the house and when I got about halfway down the hallway he started sniffing. He then ask for chocolate! I can't believe that kids' sniffer! He hasn't changed much! He still blackmails me for some of my treat to keep him quiet and not tell the other kids. Kids!

momoflots said...

You are so funny!! It is SO hard to keep teenagers filled up - I can't believe how much they eat (and stay so disgustingly skinny, too) Every time we go to Costco my hubby say "We need to be careful - don't let them eat it all at once after all $300 worth of food has to last a while" Easy for him to say!! He doesn't have to beat off the locusts during the day while he's at work. They swarm the kitchen!!