Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cub Scout and Caboose colored on my toilet paper! As you can see, green dots, soaked thru. I have used many mutilated toilet paper rolls in my day, including big fat re-rolled, out of a paper grocery sack (when Senior was little, he used to unroll it all the time), and with the cardboard roll missing (removed for school craft project). And, for added fun, the marker turns the bowl water green.

Later this same day, I broke my favorite big casserole dish from Pampered Chef. I'm very disappointed, but also struggling with my wierd superstitious nature. I am always trying to read meaning into things like this. What does the broken dish represent? I'll be thinking about that while I shop for a new dish.

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momoflots said...

Aww, bummer about the pan!! The TP made me laugh - I also have kids that like to play with it!! What's the deal? Maybe I should give to the little ones for Christmas - it sure would help the budget!! :0)