Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Changes

Why, oh why, is change so hard to deal with. I find myself happily expecting baby four and suddenly planning a big move to another city. I am overwhelmed to say the least. I have checked out a For Sale By Owner book from the library, bought a for sale sign which is now planted in my frontyard, posted on Craig's list and in the local paper. Now I am looking around knowing I need to get started with cleaning and packing but I find myself too nervous to begin. I am randomly flitting from room to room, starting one thing and then forgetting and moving to another room. My level of stress needs to go down and I am trying to remind myself that this process could go on for months. I need patience. Patience and peace.
Someone is coming to look at the house tonight. Cross fingers for a quick and timely end to this process.


Sara said...

Oh, WOW! Did you know that I could have basically written that whole entire post on my blog excluding the baby #4 (don't jinx me). We are also planning a move out of state YET AGAIN.. and I'm doing the same stuff you are.. Going room to room starting projects or cleaning and then getting sidetracked.

Peace and Patience... Whew! It's Hard!

Jillian said...

Oh, Carrie!
You can do this! Take that awesome skill you have of list writing & chug away. I know, easier said than done... Check out this click & print checklist:|1429663381

You can do it! Plus, we'll keep you in our prayers. Oh, and remember, "Nobody's gonna die." Repeat.

Natalie said...

Good luck! Sounds like an adventure in the making.