Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, the lazy way.

This was a super lazy day! We didn't start that way. I was up at 7:30, encouraging Senior as he went off to take the ACT. It's so hard to believe my baby is old enough to take the ACT! We ran some errands, including a fun trip to the local Walmart. I bought a ton of fun picture frames to put on our family room wall. I have few up, but I want some more visual interest. If it looks ok, I'll take a picture, if not, forget about it. So, we come home from the Walmart and TGH goes to watch the football game. I headed into my room to use the computer and ended up asleep. The rest of the day was just about like that. Took a book back to the library, visited a friend, bathed kids for church I'm just hanging out, checking email and pondering the peanut butter chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

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Melody said...

That sounds a lot like my day yesterday too. It is good to have a Saturday like that now and then, isn't it.