Thursday, October 9, 2008

They Came, They Saw,

. . . . . But will they buy the house???
So, the first looker came to our house last night. Because it was someone who read my Craig's List posting I was sooo afraid they would be like real estate head hunters- my dad had a ton of these people when he was trying to sell. They would come, look around, offer him an insulting third or half of the asking price and leave. So I was feeling very anxious last night. The guy on the phone had said he'd come at 6:30 with his "partner." 6:30 came and went. I started to think I'd been dogged. 6:45. 6:50. Finally, I heard a door close outside. (Yes, I was hanging around in my living room pretending to read and peeking out the window.) A nice older couple gets out of their car and starts looking around at my house. Is this them? Yes! They weren't crazy real estate head hunters. They were a nice couple. In fact they know the Professor's family, and they're from our church! Yay! They are looking for property to buy and rent.
Of course, I am so new at this, I couldn't read them at all. I have NO idea how they felt about the house, but the wife said they'd go home and look at some numbers and such. The husband said nothing. So I am actually staying remarkably calm about this. I just keep repeating to myself that this could be a long process and we'll just wait and see.
Now that the house is clean, today I will concentrate on a few other things and I just might start feeling a little bit normal for a few minutes.


Natalie said...

This would cause me GREAT anxiety! Sounds like you have it handled though.

Jen said...

Good luck on selling your house! I'd love to sell mine - if I thought anyone would want it:)

Hey, what book did I recommend, just out of curiousity? Or was it Natalie? I've recommended a few on blogs lately, and if you're reading a suggestion from me, I'd love to hear what you think about it - which ever one it might be.