Friday, October 3, 2008

Donuts and Gossip

Every Friday morning, a bunch of us meet at my church building and eat donuts and yak. The official name of this gathering is Scrapbook club, but we do it all there, scrapbook, pay bills, craft, church business, and talking. Lots and lots of talking. And laughing. My friend and I are in charge of the donuts. Self appointed, I might add. We just like an excuse to eat donuts and it's rude to eat in front of others, so we just bring enough for all. It started with 3 moms from the neighborhood, taking turns meeting at each other's houses. THAT ended when I found a cinnamon roll stuffed under the couch cushions. Now we meet at the church, where we have found people tend to be way more respectful. Go figure. I guess it's that whole House of God thing... Anyway, word got out and now we have about 10 of us on and off, showing up to chat and eat donuts. Today, one mom was organizing her recipe card file, which had been dumped out the day before, another was looking over catalogues for Halloween costume ideas. I was scrapbooking our Grand Canyon vacation pictures, and my bff was making us all laugh with funny stories about realtors calling her. We covered the neighborhood, the election, marriage and parenting. One of our group is a grandma and she gives us all hope for the future. I so look forward to this gathering. Women have an ability, don't you think, to uplift, understand, and support each other? Thank heaven we have that gift, to be something wonderful to each other.


momoflots said...

The males in my house can never understand what us women can talk about for so long - when they get together with their friends they just chase a little blue ball around an empty room. I especially like talking with the grandma type ladies in my church because - like you mentioned - they offer me hope and they assure me that I can do this job!!

ParentingPink said...

Yep, I completely agree! Women rock when it comes to chatting it up and emotionally supporting each other! Glad you had a good time!

Melody said...

I just watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and was reminded of the same thing.

Steve watched it with me, and at the end as they were being so supportive with each other. I was teary and said, "Guys just aren't like that with each other, are they?" He simply said, "Nope."

Maybe that's why our guys need us so much. We are the only ones they can tell all of their sadness, worries, and anxieties to.

And thank heavens we have women! It is nice that after unloading a whole lot of emotional garbage a woman will just side with you and say that yep, it does suck. A guy will try to fix it for you. And sometimes I'm not ready for the fixes, just the reassurance that I'm not alone.