Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow"

Yesterday and today were busy, busy, busy. It looks like the whole week is going to be that way. Now that my gals are just a little older I have been having such a crazy time of running back and forth between preschool and kindergarten. I know for those of you with teenagers in sports and everything else this can't compare to your business but even so, I've been feeling a little well, weary, as I look at the year ahead. I imagine there will be a path worn back and forth from my house to the school.
Luckily, I just got a good dose of perspective from a friend I was visiting with. This friend is in her 70s (atleast) and when she saw me unloading my gals from the van, she laughed and said I reminded her of her. She had three little ones in three years. She rather lovingly helped me get the girls herded inside and sat herself down into her comfy rocking chair. Bubbles happily started unloading the diaper bag, bringing tiny animal after tiny animal to her for inspection. My friend's children, she told me, are all in their 40s atleast, and some have grandchildren of their own. She went on to say how quickly these days of little children pass and how she often just misses her own small ones.
Even though I have heard so many people express this, it always impresses me whenever someone says it. I try to tell myself, enjoy these busy days. Sit down with the girls. Watch them play. Hold on to it. Grab the camera. Write down what they're doing and saying.
Last night I almost cried as I thought over just how fast these little girls will grow into women. On a less melancholy note, the Professor also had something to say on the subject. He noted my tearful mood and after I told him what was bothering me he had some typically terrible advice. "Lock them in the basement." ha Atleast he got me to stop feeling sorry about what might be. Him and his outrageous sense of humor.


Kirstine and David said...

David always says that too. Of course, his worries about them growing up are a little closer. The other day he felt the need to say "Lock them in the basement" because the 14 year old had made a comment on how cute the boys were in a certain high school class where she is the only 9th grader!

Jillian said...

Yes, they grow up super fast. I've been made fun of that I have thousands (literally) of photos of each of my children. They are mostly digital, and I've made multiple back up CDs (Just in case). Each time a birthday rolls around, I sit and watch the videos from previous years. I cry. It's such a weird feeling...I want them to grow into responsible, well adjusted (what does this mean, exactly?) adults, but they can't do that if I keep them small. Sigh. Maybe this is the real reason I look forward to having a perfect remembrance of all things once I cross over to the other side.

Kirstine and David said...

just you wait till they start showing up on the door step asking to hang out with that little baby girl of yours see how you feel then