Monday, September 22, 2008

Will this be her first memory?

Today I was walking down the street with Blossom to pick up Buttercup from a neighbor's house. Blossom and I had just spent an hour watercoloring at the table together and having a wonderful mommy-daughter time of things. She was saying something so funny that I was quickly composing a post of it in my mind. I would write that funny entry right now except I have completely forgotten what it was Blossom said. Because just then, I (the chronically dizzy) mom, tripped on my own shoe. As Blossom and I were holding hands at the time, I caught myself but she went sprawling onto the street. "You did that to me!" she accused questioningly as she began to cry. Her jeans were ripped and blood was starting to drip from her skinned knee. I wanted to deny that I had in reality just knocked my 5-year old into the road and made her bleed, but instead I apologized. We got a band-aid from the neighbor and picked up Buttercup. We walked home without further incident, i.e. I didn't knock anyone down.
Fast forward a couple hours. Some friends came over to chat and the little gals were downstairs having a "movie party." Blossom comes upstairs and whispers to me, can she show one of my friends her band-aid. I comply. Then she lifts her pant leg and shows the band-aid. She appears to be pleased with the ooh's and aah's of concern, and then smiling she tells them both, "Mommy did this to me, she shoved me down in the street."
I am always wondering what her first memory will be. This had better not be it.


Melody said...

LOL! That is terrible! I'm sorry. Kids are simply *not* helpful in making moms feel better, are they?!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday...100 things and being saucy was a lot of fun!! My boy loves middle school...I'm grateful!!

As for the memories of our children...don't ever mention it again, or they'll never forget!! LOL...