Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My day today? Luckily no poo accidents or banana hold-ups on my end. But it was little Buttercup's first day of preschool. I think it kind of blew Blossom's mind to think of Buttercup taking over in her old preschool class. Buttercup seemed to be fine with it. I asked her what they did, she said I can't remember, and promptly wanted a snack.
One of the moms from the Happy Herd (the walk-to-kindergarten-group) invited us to McD's so we all went there after retrieving Buttercup from preschool. Of course that was loads of fun for the kidlets. I have never taken them there and it's a brand spankin' new McD's so they loved it. Buttercup did get stuck in the top of the playhouse at one point and start loudly wailing. I had to go in and retrieve her- those things are definitely built for tiny kids! It was no easy task for me, the flaming claustrophobic, but we all made it back out alive. :)
Now kids are in bed, the Professor and I have just finished watching an interesting History Channel documentary about what will happen to earth after humans have been dead 10,000 years and I'm off to bed myself. Hopefully the documentary won't bring on any 2am bad dreams!
Tomorrow is the first day of volunteering in Blossom's kindergarten class . . . . .

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