Friday, September 19, 2008

Date Night

It's Friday! That means date night with my honey! Kids eat mac and cheese at home and TGH and I flee the premises. I love getting all gussied up; nice clothes, makeup, good date hair. My sweetie comes home from work, changes and we run away to be friends, grown-ups, lovers. We talk about the election and movies and books. We do NOT talk about teen problems, bodily functions or grades. We hold hands and kiss without the choruses of "Gross!" echoing around us. We eat food without little mouths begging. I order things they would never touch. Delectable entrees with onions and peppers and all sorts exotic veggies that make children groan. My honey orders all the food I never cook...deep fried, covered in butter and salt. White bread! Then sometimes we see a movie. No dancing dinosaurs, or red monsters, or educational content. We like funny. Sometimes, we go bowling. No bumper guards, no crying about who's turn it is. It's a friendly game, where we make suggestive innuendos and laugh at inside jokes. Then, we get ice cream and drive around, savoring the alone time. Sharing thoughts and wandering through our relationship at random, picking up new little tidbits about each other. We discover that we do change, and we savor getting to know each other every week. I love date night. I love being reminded I am a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman for 4 hours. I feel reconnected, recharged and ready to be a mommy again. Which is good, because I have 7 children at home, waiting for me to take the reins again!


Jen said...

Good for you! I need to get out more often. I'm trying to date at least once a month. This is better than the once every 6 months that we have been doing. I'm due for a date- thanks for reminding me why it is so important to reconnect and continue to get to know my hubby!

ParentingPink said...

Me too! Me Too! Love date night - wish we had it more often! Good for you - hope you enjoyed it (minus the gross noises and comments) LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you can relate to banana pancake Saturdays! It's also great that you make them too!