Sunday, September 7, 2008

Usually Sunday is a hit the ground running day. Even more than weekdays. On weekdays, departure times are staggered...Senior leaves at 6:30am, Freshman and PreT-1 leave at 7:10, TGH leaves at 7:30, #6 leaves at 8, and Cub Scout and PreT-2 leave at 8:15. Then me and the Caboose heave a sigh of relief and get on with our day! But Sundays, we all have to be out the door in time for church at 9. Everyone in shoes, socks, and nice clothes. Clean, pressed and dressed. And with equipment...scriptures, lesson books, diaperbag properly stocked. It makes for a pretty stressful morning. Ha ha! "Exactly what a pre church experience should be..."she said sarcastically! ANYWAY. Today is different. No church. Ok, technically, there is a meeting, but it's a Stake Conference and while we usually attend this, today, we having a by. As in pass us by, cause I'm not going. Not with two little kids to sit for two long hours on metal folding chairs. Not today, baby! Does that sound belligerent?:)

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