Wednesday, September 17, 2008

oh, Mommy time!

This is my ode to Wednesday nights. How I love them! Why? Because on Wednesday, starting at 7 I have one happy hour of "me time." What do I do during this blissful hour? It is shockingly silly and frivolous. I herd the Girls to bed as fast as I can. I ignore the Professor. My favorite spot on the couch awaits. I watch . . . (drum roll please) . . .
America's Next Top Model.
Why oh why do I love this show? I have no idea. Say what you will, but I am a sucker for it. Once Blossom came downstairs while it was on, took one look at me, and said "Mommy, are those women your friends?" I was mortified at the time and resolved to be more social so she wouldn't be warped forever. But even that experience hasn't kept me from slipping in front of the tv. I think more than the actual show, it's one hour that I enjoy looking forward to every week- something completely fun and easy, uncomplicated and unimportant to my life. I have a sister (you know who you are) who likes "retail therapy" to cheer her up. It's "Top Model therapy" for me all the way.

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