Monday, September 8, 2008

You are just not going to believe what happened this morning. As I went to wake up the 3 boys, I opened their door to a wall of truly awful smell. I staggered over to the window and wondered what in the world three small boys can have been doing overnight to produce this kind of stench? #6 had the answer. His bed was covered in barf. Great. Miraculously, there wasn't really any on him so after I looked him over, (no fever, seemed cheerful) I took him up to try breakfast. He ate it up and I debated whether or not to send him to school. The debate ended when I started to unzip his jammies. At first I thought, how did he get throw-up IN his jams? Then the truth and the smell hit me! NOT BARF! It was poo. Poo up to his chin, down to his toes, IN THE ARMS of his jammies. How does this happen? Who is going to clean this? Am I really the mother? As these questions swam around in a poo/barf-fume induced fog in my head, I realized that while this was awful, it barely even deserves an honorable mention in my Worst Messes Ever Hall of Fame. I showered the kid. I washed all fabrics in hot water, Tide and Oxyclean. I sprayed every hard surface in the house with Lysol. I brushed my teeth. I had a Diet Pepsi. He was fine the entire rest of the day. Not even one messy diaper. One day I'll have to tell you about the Great Paint Disaster...

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Kate @ Small Scribbles said...

Oh, you poor woman. What a HORRIBLE way to start the day.

We had a great paint disaster once. Child # 3 thought the white paint I left unattended in a container (for thirty seconds) was a milkshake and proceeded to try some. "Hello, Poison Control?" Yes. Thanks to #3 we knew them on a first name basis.