Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not feeling too great

Wow! I've had the worst headache today. Started about 11:00am and just got worse. I don't get alot of them, so I'm always surprised and somewhat reluctant to take a medication. Usually I will remember that I haven't eaten or maybe I didn't get enough sleep, but today, none of that was the case. I just had a bad headache. Finally, I took some acetamenophine, but I think it was too late...about an hour later, it was still pounding, so I took some ibuprofin and had a diet Pepsi. I also took a power nap. Meanwhile, I was trying to manage carpool, piano lessons and dinner. Senior helped pick up some of the slack and directed activities while I was down. For dinner we got out the Quick Soup Formula (Sahmsistersrecipes.blogspot.com) and the left over steak and made a delicious soup and saltines meal. TGH took over bedtime, bless his heart, before he left to play basketball with the guys. I'm feeling tons better now, took a hot shower and played with my Facebook page for a while. Off the subject, I'm thinking about learning meditation as a way to reduce stress. Any thoughts??

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Melody said...

I am thinking along the same lines. I am looking to Tai Chi. There is actually a place close by you that has Tai Chi classes available.