Friday, September 26, 2008

my own little panic

I should probably be too embarrassed to admit this, but I actually made my own little "run on the grocery store" yesterday. The problem arises from the fact that the Professor wakes up with the news for an alarm clock everyday. So each morning, before my eyes are even open, I am bombarded with reporters grimly warning me of our tottering economy and bleak forecasts of doom. In general I am a person who likes my news in small doses, when I am ready for it. Otherwise, my 2 am wake ups are full of worries I can do nothing about. Well, it finally all got the best of me and with only a half an hour between picking up Buttercup from preschool and Blossom from kindergarten, I sped off to the grocery store. I started stuffing my cart with flour, sugar, baking soda, and for some unknown reason ketchup (which we never even eat cause the Professor thinks it's sick). Usually when I am at the store I don't see people I know, but unfortunately while I was running down the aisles with my eye on the clock, throwing things into my cart, I kept running into friends. Friends who know me well enough to be eyeing my cart suspiciously as if they thought just maybe I was off my rocker this time. And maybe I was. But I'll tell you what. I just wanted to buy enough bags of flour that when I wake up at 2am I can tell myself I've done what I can and just go back to sleep.
This morning when the Professor's alarm clock started forecasting doom I put my fingers in my ears and went back to sleep. I think that will be my new morning ritual.

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Natalie said...

Me too! Well, not exactly... we just have an alarm clock that buzzes, but I've been stocking up a little extra and every time I see the news I feel the urge to run the grocery store! LOL