Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cute daddy-daughter moments

Today after dinner the Professor went outside and came back in to announce that the peaches on our tree are ripe! He hurried outside with Blossom and started picking. They had a little system worked out and everything- one box for those that looked nibbled by birds, another for the ones that looked untouched. It was great to see them working and chatting together as they picked. I was amazed that she was big enough to be so helpful and do such a good job. When they were done Blossom was VERY proud of herself- happily calling out to me, "I must have picked 100 peaches!" Meanwhile Buttercup ran around the backyard catching more grasshoppers and as for Bubbles, she just ran around laughing and happy to be outside.
For night-night treat, our nightly ritual of reading scriptures and having a little snack before bed, everyone had half a peach and a plum (yay! some of those were ripe, too)
I guess tomorrow or at least in the very near future I will be in the kitchen canning. This will be round two since I mistakenly didn't trust our little tree to produce and already bought and canned some peaches. Gotta work on that optimism I guess!

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Melody said...

I love your blog's new look! Very cute!