Friday, September 12, 2008

We had a sad day yesterday. The tip of #6's finger got shut in the hinge side of a bedroom door. Some of his finger actually got pinched off! Sort of the fleshy corner of his "tall man" on his left hand. We had to make a trip to the ER because I thought it might need stitches. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything they could do except make me feel awful and try to bandage it up. What makes it worse for me is that I'm the one who accidentally did it. I just didn't realize he was there! I am just sick about it. Being mentally disabled, the poor guy is struggling with the dressing on his finger, which, by the way, is bandaged so that it looks like he's flipping people off! He wants to chew the bandage and I'm trying to find ways to keep his mouth off, so we can avoid an infection. This whole week has been very tough. I'm hoping for a few minutes away tonight with TGH.


The Small Scribbler said...

I can just imagine the scene. My sensory processing boy would not be able to leave that bandage alone either. And there would be a whole lot of the time he was running in Wal-Mart and fell and strained his wrist. We heard about it for a week! I think he feels things more intensely than the rest of us. Luckily that was his own fault and I didn't have mother guilt thrown into the mix. Hope your son feels better soon.


Jillian said...

Thanks for stopping by Regression. I hope all that you've heard about me is good...or at least neutral.