Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today, we have many wonderful activities to choose from. In the family room, the LDS missionaries are showing a video with Senior and his friends, in the kitchen, Freshman and her cousin are eating pbj's and talking about Hurricane Gustav. In the master bedroom, I'm hiding out with the kettle chips and laptop, and cat #1. TGH is camping with Preteen 1 and 2 and Cub Scout. Is that everyone? Oh! Babies are running all around, stealing chips and wiping their little hands on everything.

I mopped earlier, sort of. I used the Bissel on the kitchen floor. BTW, do NOT use Lysol in the Bissel...I love Lysol, but it seriously messes with the Bissel's abilities. Also threw in a load of whites. TGH has got to have socks for work! I'm going to Bed Bath and Beyond for some pants hangers later, and those low profile velvety hangers. I love those. I'm currently trying to color code everyone's hangers so when their stuff gets hung up out of the dryer, it's easier to tell whose is whose.

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