Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day...

Saturday! The whole family is home and we gather over Coco Puffs (no healthy fiber vitamin crap for us on Saturday!) and review the day's plan. The children are shocked, as they are every Saturday, to discover we expect them to clean their rooms. PreT-1 expected to go the mall with $20 of my dollars, not in her possession. Freshman was apparently planning the same thing. Senior announces that since he worked hard all week, he should get Saturday off. TGH rolled his eyes, and gave Senior a 'you-will-be-cleaning-the-garage-with-me' look. Cub Scout gives us his saddest look and mournfully reveals that he is actually too young to be of any use for Saturday chores. After a brief reality check (dad says, GO CLEAN YOUR ROOMS) we were in business. I spent the day cleaning up and out the boys room. I went the whole nine yards, moving furniture, vaccuming, sorting, organizing, and finally cleaning the carpets. I love my Bissel. We're going to have to move Caboose into a big boy bed since our friends are moving and want their crib back. Now is the perfect time to straighten out that room in preparation for the move. The girls rooms are clean, and the kitchen is passable. The garage plan fell because TGH remembered he had plumbing to finish, the light downstairs needed to be rewired and his favorite college team was playing football... It feels good to get things cleaned up. I know next week, we'll be starting all over, but, tonight, the clean kids are tucked into clean beds in clean rooms and I'm going to go eat some ice cream!

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